Skaterboarder doing a nosegrind on a rail at Cecil B More and Broad Street – Philadelphia, PA – April 20, 2011


I’m doing a story on Philly band Nicos Gun for the June issue of JUMP Magazine. Last night I watched them jam out at the Disco Biscuits Studio. Not sure if these will be in the mag or not. I used different settings for most of them. Let me know what you think.

David was super excited to see Socrates on Friday. Maybe a little too much.. – Philadelphia, PA – April 15, 2011

Port St Willow along with help from Peter Silberman from The Antlers performed at Weathervane Music’s fund-raising event this past Friday. I had the chance to snag a few live photos as well as a portraits. More photos live photo can be seen at The Pistola.

Peter Silberman from The Antlers was in Philly over the weekend to partake in Port St. Willow‘s show at Weathervane Music’s  private fundraiser. I had the chance to grab him for a quick interview as well as a photo. One of two will be used on The Pistola along with the interview. Any feedback on which one to use?

Read the interview HERE.

Last week I had the opportunity to witness Questlove‘s rehearsal for his recent PIFA event, which he performed this past Sunday. I also had the chance to grab him for an exclusive interview that I will post on The Pistola soon. The photos above are from the press conference he gave as well as a few in front of his record collection. Need help picking one for the interview post? Any suggestions?

Read the interview HERE.

TBA – West Philadelphia, PA – March 2, 2011